Citizenship test

Citizenship testAre you ready to become an American or Canadian citizen? Come and test your skills with these Citizenship test which will assess your knowledge of the culture of these great countries in so much demand. We offer you a variety of quizzes that will put you into exam mode. Quizzes with corrections, timed quizzes and the possibility of discovering new questions as edifying as the previous ones.

Are you living in the US or Canada and want to become a citizen? Take our quizzes and see how much you can learn about what it means to be an American or Canadian. With every question, you will discover something new about your adoptive country as well as learn of their interesting history and culture.

Find out what it takes to become a citizen of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. What do the American or the Canadian people eat? What do they sing? How do they spend their holidays?

Our website offers practice citizenship quizzes for the American and the Canadian citizenship test. In the US and Canada, an applicant for naturalization must pass a civics test on this page you will find test questions taken from actual federal government publications that help you prepare for the official U.S. citizenship test or Canadian citizenship test to apply for US or Canadian naturalization. You can review these quizzes as often as you like, taking each quiz until you score at least 80%. We provide you correction in case of false answer.

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