Quizzes on capitals Crash game

Take a break from your daily routine with Quizzes on Capitals . This game gives you the chance to flex your brain muscles with fun, three-minute Quiz rounds! Take multiple correctly answered Quizzes on capitals questions to earnCrash Geo Quiz Game extra lives so you can stay in the sky for longer. The more tokens you earn each day, the more power-ups you can pick up!

You are a pilot of an airplane, which is threatened by a tornado. The pilot is injured and the only thing he can do is to answer Quizzes on capitals correctly. If you answer incorrectly, the plane will move forward and closer to the tornado and it will be very difficult to save this pilot. Good luck and thank you for playing!

Crash! The plane is about to crash! But you can prevent disaster by correctly answering questions in Quizzes on Capitals . Get them wrong and you’ll be caught up in a tornado that will send the plane spiraling down. And don’t forget to use your parachute in case you’re in a rush. With fun sound effects and challenging trivia, in Crash: Quizzes on Capitals you’ll learn how to save the day.

This crash Quiz game will help you review and learn the capitals of countries. As you play, you’ll encounter many different weather conditions that may affect your plane’s movement. It’s up to you to find the correct answer in preparation for your next big test!

You’re a great pilot and an expert on capitals, but can you inspire this pilot to inspire and unite the passengers and land the plane safely? Take this quiz and find out.

Good luck!

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