Geography of asia quiz

Test your knowledge of Geography of asia quiz with these fun games. Answer questions on the highest mountains, longest rivers, outstanding geographic facts, desert landscapes and much more. This game is perfect for kids that want to learn more about all the countries in Asia. This is a game for quizzes about facts on the continent of Asia.

Asia quizzes

Do you think you know the continent of Asia in an in-depth manner?

Test your knowledge of this magnificent global region, get acquainted with the geography of Asia, get to know the countries that make up this great continent. Learn interesting facts about its mountains, rivers, deserts, and capitals. If you like to travel or are passionate about geography, then “Geography of asia quiz ” is the right game for you!

Test all your knowledge of the outstanding geographic facts in Asia with this quiz that offers a series of questions from the 5 continents of the world. You can discover a new image puzzle with each question, a new continent waiting for you, and playing is a real pleasure! Based on the most important geographic facts, these games will bring you all the exciting information about the continent of Asia, its countries, capitals, cities and their populations. This game will also help you to remember the incredible heights of the highest mountains, the longest rivers in the world, as well as unique places with beautiful shots

10 questions about geography of Asia

Facts of asia quiz : emoji game

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Play our free quiz to see if you can name the top geography facts of Asia

Geography of Asia Quiz is a set of game to test your knowledge related to the geography and country facts of Asia. Fact statements such as “The highest peak in Asia is Everest” or “Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric power station in the world” can be either true or false. If you answer true, you score 1 point and if you answer false, you score 0 points. There are many questions and multiple choices, so you will have a high chance to win and only need few moves to finish!

Play our free quiz to see if you can name the top city in Asia, or which country borders China, or what famous Alexander the Great city is situated in modern-day Turkey. Enjoy a variety of fun topics written for a middle school audience.

Sharpen your knowledge of geography with this free quiz game. Challenge yourself with multiple choice questions about the activities, landmarks and cultures that have helped shape the continent.

Similar games are also available on Beano.

The quiz: Know the geography of Asia

Time to learn the geography of Asia! In this app you will find tons of knowledge about the different countries that make up this magnificent land. Test your knowledge with more than 100 questions, get acquainted with their capitals and learn interesting facts about their geography, terrain and climate. Get entertained as well during your down time by reading funny articles, listening to fun facts and see hundreds of beautiful city photos or travel cartoons. Challenge yourself by answering the most difficult questions or find out which country is starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. If you like to travel or are interested in the world around us – then this is THE game for you!

Test your knowledge of the geography of Asia with “Geography of Asia Quiz”. This game is based on real geography, not just random, made up facts. There are no other games in the store like it that help you learn, enrich your memory and work on your geography skills. Many people want to know fun facts about geography but can’t find that information anywhere. With this game, you not only get that fun and wonderfully interesting information, but also a nice little challenge which will make it more fun to play the game!

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