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Geography games quizzes are fun and interactive ways to test your geographic knowledge. Now when studying for a million-dollar geography quiz, you can play a game of geographical Jeopardy and learn where countries are in the world with Geo-Quiz, sure you’ll ace the geography trivia quiz that has USA as well as around the world map.- but what if the geography quiz you need to pass is about obscure places? Whether it is climate or topography, political or physical — are you prepared for a serious geography game? – Are you ready to Play over 30 categories of geography game, 2500 quizzes and 15 hours of studying? Some serious fun will.

All the world is a game board … Games are fun ways to reinforce learning. So when you’re studying geography for that million dollar quiz, play geography game online to learn where countries are in the world. Play our games up to 25 times with your 10 questions per game! Play up to 30 categories of geography game, 2500 quizzes, 15 hours of studying.

A Wide Selection of Geography Quiz Games


Play over thirty different categories of games, ranging from Super hero space quiz to States and Capitals.

Six continents, over 300 cities, hundreds of locations quiz, dinosaur game, solar system, atmosphere, candy crush, story telling, puzzle game and more...

Get acquainted with the world around you.

No matter what subject you choose to study, strengthening your geographic knowledge is a great way to prepare for specific sorts of testing. Here at Flippity you can play 26 different types of Geography game online, which cover a host of topics and time periods. There are many fun and engaging settings available throughout the flash cards, where you can flip cards over by clicking on them or by dragging them over with your mouse. You can play 8 different games that will help you learn about where things are in the world.

Play Geography game online when you want to learn more about the world around you. Geography game online are specially designed to teach geography, countries, capitals, major cities, world map grid coordinates and help you become an expert in geography. Each category of geography game online includes multiple types of video games so you can play your favourite game or learn something new by chance.


Our interactive animated geography games are the perfect way to learn about countries, capitals, states, lakes, cities and mountains. You can even play our country quiz games in the fast forward mode! Play over 20 categories including: Countries; Capitals; States; Lakes; Mountains; Cities; Rivers; and more! You wil aslo find such games at Geoguessr.

Start your geography education with Geoquizgames

Reduce your exam anxiety with a fun information resource! Our geography games quizzes are fun, interactive ways to test your geographic knowledge. From countries to oceans and from climate zones to mountain ranges, find out what you know and what you need to learn. Play online quiz games like Jeopardy, where you will be asked about the capital of Canada, or the orography of New Zealand. Are you ready to have some serious fun? Are you ready to play geography games now?

Whether your studying for a quiz on major countries in the work or getting ready to tackle a geography game — play a game of geographical Jeopardy. Instead of reading flashcards, try these geography games and you’ll have fun while learning – if geographic knowledge was a drug — this may be considered an upper.

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