True or False Quiz

True or False Quiz, a fun and addictive game where you must answer yes or no to a series of questions about the capitals and cities of countries around the world. The wonderful animation when answering right and when answering wrong for this Cheeky Chimp makTrue or False Quizes the game even more entertaining.

With this quiz you’ll be able to test your knowledge on the capitals of countries around the world. The questions go from easy to difficult and even the most knowledgeable person will be challenged. When answering a question if you answer correctly, a mascot falls into the water, but when you answer it incorrectly, the mascot falls into the water and you lose a life. So how do you make sure that everyone gets their money’s worth out of this quiz? A great way to do this is by playing in a group. You can gather friends or relatives and actually make a game out of it!

Put your geography skills to the test with this true or false quiz game. Choose the correct answer to a series of questions about the capitals of countries across the world, and help this adorable mascot avoid sinking into the water! Play again and again to see if you can beat your high score, then challenge your friends to see who can earn more lives for this poor little fellow.

You will be able to travel the world and learn many things about the geography of different countries. This is a dynamic game that evolves with countries that enter into the United Nations, something that is happening more and more lately.