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GEOQUIZGAMES is a geography game space that relies on quizzes and educational games to test your knowledge of regions of the world, and your mastery on environmental issues, sports and more. Accessible for free, we offer compatible 3D content for PCs and tablets. You will play geography quiz on all continents (Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Antarctica).

Play the world trivia to learn geography or just have fun thinking and answering questions. With 30 categories of fun games also available in local multiplayer mode, you will learn a lot about the world, discovering the flags of countries, their famous places or citizenship, key facts and more.

Over 30 game categories and 2,500 quizzes

Play our cool geography games: In each game, there will be some geographical elements, such as flags, countries, rivers, mountains. Traverse the world like you never did before! In a fun and exciting way!

Free multiplayer games with questions about the world for tablets and mobiles: Travel and learn with your friends, colleagues or family!

GEOQUIZGAMES is a collection of the best games. You can explore categories like: Speed quizes – it will evaluate how fast you react when faced to different situations; – Adventure quests – they are more complicated and requires more concentration to solve them; – Panic Quizzes, shark attack quiz, drag and drop games, innovative Candy crush version; – An entire solar system pack. With 2500 quizzes and more than 30 categories to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Get it now and have any moment become entertaining.

Africa quizzes games

How good is your knowledge about Africa? Test it with our fun African quizzes!

Learn more about Africa: Where are the largest deserts, where are the major rivers, the longest protected coastline … Quiz on African countries and cities and get your scores!

Africa Quizzes: Africa Quizzes is a game created with interactive software, using interactive maps of the African continent. Africa Quiz can then be used by students, travelers who want to learn more about the geography of this continent.

Free Africa Quiz Questions And Answers: Africa is a continent of great natural beauty, from the snowcapped peaks of Kilimanjaro to the crystal waters of the Okavango Delta. It’s full of friendly and colorful people with rich cultures and traditions.

Asia quizzes

Asian Quizzes offers a free and fun way to learn geography.

Do you know where this is? Asia Quizzes will teach you more about Asia, one of the most popular continents in the world. Find out information about its countries, capitals, flags and major geographic features such as rivers, mountains, desert …

Welcome to our Asia Quizzes section! You can find here a great number of quizzes on the geography of Asia and the countries located there. Practice and see how good you are on Asian geography.

Are your friends all asking you about Asian countries, capitals and flags? Do you read the newspaper every day but don’t know what places are in Asia? Take our Asia Quiz and see how much you know about this continent.

Europe geography quiz games

Test your Europe geography knowledge with this Europe quiz.

Both fun & challenging to test your geographic knowledge of Europe. Highly interactive and fun, help improve geographic memory of European features & locations. These games will help you gain knowledge and never forget about any specific countries.

Take our Europe quizzes and test your geographic knowledge of Europe! Quiz yourself with our Europe geography quizzes, where you can choose the correct capital city, European flag, landmarks and much more. We have selected 400 questions for you across a range of categories including capitals, flags, landmarks and sport teams from all over Europe. Take our European quiz now to test your geographic knowledge of this amazing continent!

North & Central America quizzes

Do you enjoy geography and trivia? Want to learn the capitals of United States, Canada, states and countries of North America?

Take these quizzes to test your knowledge on states, capitals and countries! The app has over 100 questions based on a wide range of topics, such as: • Capitals of states and countries • State Bird,  Citizenship • Famous Places. You’ll have to answer general knowledge questions about names and locations. Are you ready for this challenge?

Mind and body will be exercised by the quizzes of North America. You not only improve your general knowledge but also test your geographical knowledge as well as state history. The quizzes provide a variety of questions which encourage you to learn about countries and capitals as well as states

South American geography quiz games

Discover over 250 quizzes on South America. Learn about all the countries and flags of South America. And have fun discovering!

South America Geography – A quiz and quiz games to discover countries, flags, mountains, rivers, lakes and other major features of the continent of South America.

Quizbuddy – Free quizzes from South America  contains more than 250 quizzes that will enrich your knowledge of the geography of this continent. Learning is notably more enjoyable when it is done in a merry and pleasant manner! We invite you to discover our various South America quizzes !

Our quizzes about the South America continent will help you to find out more about this region. Discover more about South American countries, cities, flags and general geography at home or at work thanks to your Internet access.

Oceania geography games

Oceania quiz is a collection of geography games to help the player learn about Australia, Polynesia, New Zealand and some French and British dependences.

Become an expert in Oceania and try to discover all the hidden countries on this epic continent, from Australia to New Caledonia and from Melanesia to Polynesia. Each of these quizzes offers interesting questions and detailed geographic information about each area, allowing you to test your knowledge about Oceanian countries, capitals, flags and landmarks!

The Oceania countries quiz is a fun test about a continent with a variety of countries from Australia to New Zealand, from Polynesia to Madagascar. Play over 200 questions to find out how much you know about Oceanian countries, cities, flags, landmarks.

United States quiz games

Play America trivia games and get USA  knowledge to take the next step in your country education, or play these fun quizzes to get your mind working.

Are you an avid history buff? Do you endlessly watch documentaries on TV? Or, do you want to test your knowledge of the United States with the state quiz game? Quiz yourself on the states and their capitals, or take a quiz that tests you on the culture, landmarks and cities of the USA. There are 20 quizzes to play and each one is unique. Play any of these fun and challenging games to test your basic knowledge!

With so much to see and do, a trip across the United States is a great way to spend a vacation! You will find beautiful mountains and beaches, exciting big cities, and friendly small towns. Test yourself with fun USA quizzes, puzzles and trivia games about each state. Learn about each state’s geography, culture, history and more with this app.

Canada geography quiz games

Come learn about Canada and brush up on your Canadian geography with our quiz games on the capital of the provinces, the flags of the provinces, their location and important facts.


These trivia games are ideal for geography enthusiasts, students and all who love Canada! Take our interactive quizzes on provinces and their capital cities, flags, and locations of various provinces in Canada. Practice your memory with the games on significant places in Canada and get to know more about the nation for which you dream to acquire citizenship.

Bored of the fact that Canada is not a topic taught in Indian geography? Want to brush up on your Canadian trivia? Test your knowledge with our games on the capital of the provinces, the flags of the provinces, their location and important facts. These games are ideal for geography enthusiasts and students as well as everyone who loves Canada!

World continent quiz

World Continent Quiz is a collection of quizzes about the culture, tradition, place and the famous places of each continent

Ready to prove you know all the continents? “World Continent Quiz” is a series of quizzes based on more than 15 categories related to all continents. From single player to local multiplayer mode, all types of quizzes are covered, cities, highlights of continents, famous places and more. All the continents will be approached under various categories of games. So come and prove if you have mastered knowledge in each continent!

A basic “Who is the largest, second largest and smallest?” quiz will be replaced by a game of “how many cities can you name in the fastest time possible” or “which continent has the majority of its land surrounded by water”. The essence of a question doesn’t change but with no stress or interruptions you can play until you can’t play any longer. No more rushing to keep up with a clock and questioning how significant your score is as every continent is examined across various categories of games.

A Wide Selection of Geography Quiz Games

Play over thirty different categories of games, ranging from Super hero space quiz to States and Capitals.

Six continents, over 300 cities, hundreds of locations quiz, dinosaur game, solar system, atmosphere, candy crush, story telling, puzzle game and more… Get acquainted with the world around you.

What GEOQUIZGAMES offers you

Play hundred of geographic serious games

Play over 24 categories of adventure games in which you can explore geography from different points of view. Here are just a few: Super Hero Space Quiz, Panic Quiz, Labyrinth Quiz…

World Quizzes on continents and countries of the world.

You can discover thousands of quizzes on all continents, countries, cities, flags and countries etc., with beautiful images.

Geoquizgames Multiplayer

Here you can challenge your friends locally with the multiplayer mode from two to 4 participants

Geo Kids Zone

This space is dedicated to children to test or increase their knowledge of geography. There are several games, location, city quiz, drag and drop, memory game, hangman and more.

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