Flags quiz of the world

How well do you know the flags of all the continents? Have you ever had to quickly identify a country’s flag, and have you found it difficult? You can take this test right now with the flags quiz of all thQuiz on the flags of the worlde continents.

Are you a lover of flags and do you know most countries of the world? We put together a simple and fun test to see if you’re really prepared for an upcoming trip with all the flags countries quiz. More than that, we invite you to share this test with your friends and put them to the challenge. This will be useful for teachers and students, who can use the result of the test in class or at home.

Flags quiz tests your knowledge of the flags of the world. Each continent is a multiple-choice question with five answers. You must select the correct flag from a choice of five. There are more than 200 questions with four possible answers per question. Are you ready for this test?

Flags Quiz is an educational and fun trivia game. The user has to guess the name of the country behind the flag. This app is a good tool for those who want to expand their knowledge about flags and challenge their knowledge. You can learn flags of all countries and even increase your language skills, as this app offers flags in nine different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Swedish). Rankings are saved to show which users are the best flag pickers-out.

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