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Geography Oceania Quiz is a quiz set that will allow you to test your knowledge of the outstanding geographic facts in Oceania. The quizzes tackle questions about the highest mountains, the longest rivers, the striking desert landscapes, with beautiful.

Geography Oceania quiz

Learn about the geography of Oceania, test your knowledge of facts in Oceania.

Take a break from those long school books, and learn some World Geography. This quiz set made for the whole family, which will adequately test your knowledge about Oceania, one of continents of the world. From the highest mountains to the longest rivers, from the striking desert landscapes with beautiful images to captivating capital cities of Oceania countries – this quiz has it all. Have fun!

The quizzes tackle questions about the highest mountains, the longest rivers, the striking desert landscapes, with beautiful images, the capitals of the countries and much more. It’s your turn!

Geography facts of Oceania : Chemical tube filling quiz

Oceania quiz facts : Santa Claus game

Facts of oceania quiz : emoji game

Multiplayer Oceania quiz : 1 - 4 players

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Take this quiz and find out if you really know about this region and the countries and capitals that belong to it.

The Geography oceania quiz is a terrific educational game that tests your knowledge on fun topics. You’ll see some of the best deserts, mountains, lakes, and more. Answer questions about the highest mountains, longest rivers, and some scenic vistas, all with outstanding photos to help jog your memory. It’s your turn to shine!

Geography oceania quiz offers questions about the geographic facts of the continents, the capital locations, the longest rivers, the highest mountains and many other challenging and enjoyable factoids.

Geography Oceania quiz is a fun and easy way to test your knowledge on the outstanding geographic facts about the countries in Oceania. The questions cover amazing facts such as how many times bigger Australia is than France, which country has the longest river and how many islands there are in Oceania. Geography Oceania quiz is entertaining and will help you sharpen your knowledge of this fascinating part of the world! Similar games are also available on Zoo.

Geography, Oceania Quiz games with answers for kids and “Geo lovers”

Here is an oceania quiz for the whole family to enjoy. The quiz covers some exciting places: a capital, two largest lakes and two highest mountains in Oceania. Good luck!

Geography, Oceania Quiz games. From stunning deserts to breathtaking mountain ranges, from the largest lakes to the longest rivers, this quiz has it all! Oceania is made up of several thousand islands, sometimes thousands of kilometers apart. Puncak Jaya (in Papua New Guinea) is the highest peak on the continent at 4,884 m above sea level. Do you want to wrap your head around the geography of Oceania? Learn something new and take a quiz. From largest cities to the highest mountains, from various states to national capitals and largest islands, this quiz offers several levels of difficulties.

Learn geographic facts of Oceania with the game Geography Oceania Quiz

Do you enjoy geography quizzes? Are you capable of answering questions about the location of cities, lakes and rivers? If so, why not try our fun quiz set on Oceania? There’s no time limit and it’s a great way to test your knowledge. Here are 12 questions on the Oceania continent. Good luck!

Ever wanted to quiz yourself on things geographic? Geography is a basic necessity for students, and what better way to study it than through a game? This quiz set is based on the Oceania region; a collection of islands that includes the eastern half of Australia, New Zealand, and many more types of landforms. After you answer each question, you will receive a clear explanation of why your answer was correct, as well as more information about the topic.

The benefits of the educational game “Geography  of Oceania”

The goal is to help learners improve their knowledge of Oceania, which is the smallest of the seven continents. Each quiz question has four answers, only one of which will be truly correct. Simply tap the answer you think is best and you’ll be told if you were right or wrong. If you’re not sure about an answer, you have the option of tapping a hint button to reveal the correct choice.  This is the ultimate Oceania quiz game and is as challenging as you want it to be. Are you ready for some quizzing?

Product Description: Learn about the geography of Oceania. Find out where are the highest mountains, where is the longest river, what is the largest city, what is the capital city?


  • Fun quizzes for kids
  • Interactive questions
  •  Easy navigation


  • Learn about the geography of different countries of oceania
  • Get to know the culture of each country
  • Learn about the history of each country
  • Improve your vocabulary of oceania facts


Time to put your geography skills to the test! This quiz set is always adding new questions, so keep checking back and make it harder to score 100%! Take this quiz and let us know what you think. Also, include which you like the most in the comment section below: Oceania or Geography?

Oceania is a monumental continent, home to some of the most diverse and fascinating countries in the world! Quiz game was created especially for the Oceania’s fans to train and expand their knowledge of the region. Dive into this quiz and explore amazing facts about Oceania!

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