Solar System

Welcome to the solar system game, with this game you will learn everythingHow many planets in solar system about the revolution of planets around the sun, discover a detailed description of each planet, learn the history of our solar system. There is a very interesting maze, where you have to drag and drop in order to find the position of planets relative to one another. The information obtained can be tested by answering questions in a quiz format. This pack is ideal for those passionate about astronomy and primary and secondary school students.

This game gives you a lot of information about the planets: – The general characteristics of each planet. – A detailed description of each planet and its satellites. – A 3D simulation of their revolution around the sun (retrograde and prograde movement possible). – A difficulty level for a game that covers the effective theory. – A quiz to test the knowledge of information learned.

Our System Solar game is entirely dedicated to the study of this fascinating subject. At first, your children and teens will have fun moving the planets around the sun! Then they’ll discover detailed facts about every planet, such as its mass, atmosphere, distance from the sun and much more! If they are feeling particularly confident, they can play a quiz to test their knowledge and win a medal!

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