Labyrinth Quiz

Labyrinth Quiz is about a little penguin abandoned by his brothers and isLabirynthe quiz game trapped in a flaming maze. With each correct answer, the little penguin gains in steps to join its brothers. The Labyrinth Quiz is a game of discovery of the Capital Cities. You have to correctly answer all the questions about the capitals of the cities of the continent of your choice so that the penguin will join its brothers. So do not hesitate to play this exciting game and become an expert in capitals.

Did you ever try the famous Labyrinth game? This is a new experience with a penguin. A little penguin is lost in a maze that is on fire. Its brothers are waiting at the top of the mountain, but they can be reached only after answering correctly all questions. We have put ten challenging questions about capitals, but also about country capitals and cities as well.

Labyrinth game quiz is a classic game that is simple to play, but not very easy to win. In this game you will be presented with a map and several cities that you must find on the map. Initially only a few of the cities will be displayed on the map, and you will have to click on them to the right. When you get one city, all the cities adjacent to it will appear on the map so that you can find the next city and so on until you find all cities. The faster you answer correctly, the more steps the little penguin puts in his way to find his brothers. Good luck, improve your knowledge and have fun!

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