Presidents and Prime Ministers Games

Play games of presidents and prime ministers in The Student Room. Play aPresidents and Prime Ministers Games game of drag & drop with the presidents of the United States or Canadian Prime Ministers, discover great figures from Africa, Europe, Asia and learn who they are. We offer a complete and chronological review of the presidents of certain countries in particular the USA. Pick your president, you can play as either Democratic or Republican.

If you are a student or an adult and if you like history, geography, politics or genealogy, then this is for you. The Presidents and PM games have been designed to be simple and enjoyable learnig. This game has more than 30 different games that include presidents of the USA, Canadian prime ministers, famous people from Africa, Europe, Asia and more.

Presidents and Prime Ministers  Stories is a game with a complete and chronological review of all the presidents of certain countries. Some games, quizzes, -all educational and entertaining, will also be included. In addition to the United States’ presidents, Canadian Prime Ministers and a few other figures from different countries in the world will also be designed in fun learning games.

You don’t need to worry if you can’t remember the name of a certain president. Our games are there to help you out. On each game page you can find a gallery of all presidents you need to recognize, so that you can practice as much as you want! Choose if you want to replay the game or if you want to know more about the president, with a complete historical review of his presidency. We are here for you!

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