Capital Quiz World

Are you a geo genius? Capital Quiz World is an addicting geography triviaCountries capitals quiz2 game that will test your knowledge of capital cities around the world. Learn about the countries you didn’t know existed and test your geographic IQ to its limits! Test your knowledge of world capitals. Play a fun game of geography to find out how good you are at identifying countries and capitals around the world!

Take the challenge and see if you are up to the task of world capitals! Countries are often associated with more than one city. Can you find the capital associated with each country? Countries are displayed at random, meaning that it is impossible to solve. Each time you answer a question correctly, one-third of that game level is filled. The more you play, the closer you get to solving it. Name capital cities around the world and help him on his journey to return back home!

If you enjoy playing games that test your knowledge of the world, then you just have to play Capital Quiz World. Capital Quiz World contains all the capitals from A to Z, with additional quiz questions. Maximize your score by finding countries quickly and correctly–and see if you can become a master of geography. Don’t forget to share the game with your family and friends!

A fun and interactive way to test yourself on the world’s countries and capitals. Learn about each country by answering fun questions. Can you identify them all? Whether you’re a professional quiz master or self-proclaimed geography expert, this fun and challenging app is the perfect entertaining tool to pass time and test your knowledge.