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Try our Europe geography quizzes to test your geographic knowledge of Europe. Test your memory and knowledge of the countries of Europe by choosing the correct capital city, flag, landmarks . We have selected 400 questions for you across a range of categories including capitals, flags, landmarks, sport teams etc.


Europe famous places

Test your knowledge on Europe geography quizzes!

Europe Geography Quizzes provides the most difficult level of questions which you will be up to prove yourself.  Questions are organized into countries, regions, cities, capitals, landmarks, rivers and mountain ranges.  It’s a very comprehensive test that helps you prepare for your next trip. When you have completed the test you may set your result in world rank list.

Find out all about the European continent, its countries, largest cities, flags and more. Learn to differentiate a country from a continent using simple quizzes. With Europe being on the top of everyone’s destination list today, things like which is the most populated city in France will come in handy wherever you plan to go.”

Santa Claus game online : Europe quiz

You have 6 chances to guess the answers. Get all questions correct and Santa will keep all his present safe....

European countries flags quiz

Take a quiz on the flags of European countries to call upon the spirit of Europe! How many countries can you recognize?

Multiplayer Europe quiz : 1 - 4 players

European countries capital quiz (10 questions)

Super space hero geo quiz : European countries capitals

Geo crash quiz game : European countries Capitals

Basket ball geo quiz : capitals of European countries

European countries capital quiz (20 questions)

European countries location map quiz game

Location map quiz : European countries

Europe countries flags : puzzle game

Multiplayer Europe quiz : 2 players

Panic geo quiz game : European countries Capitals

Maze quiz : European countries capitals

Chemical tube filling Geo Quiz : European countries Capitals

European countries capital quiz (25 questions)

True or False Geo Quiz 20 : European countries capitals

Landmarks of Europe drag and drop game

Europe quizzes : the millionaire game

European countries capital quiz (15 questions)

Facts about Europe geography quiz : emoji game

True or False Geo Quiz 15 : European countries capitals

Climbing mountain Geo quiz : European countries capitals

True or False Quiz : European countries capitals (10 questions)

Learn the countries and capitals of Europe with this fast-paced European  quizzes.

The Quiz on the map of Europe, consists of 10 questions, randomly selected from those proposed by the user. Each question has three answers. After answer selection result is immediately given in the form of a score obtained. A random map appears general knowledge and skills. The issue is specially designed to appeal to the younger generation; It provides a real test memory and observation skills. At any time you can reveal the results for each question, or go back to test yourself in a while.

More quizzes like Europe geography quizzes, as well as other games like that, are available on other websites like Lizardpoint.

Test your Geographical Knowledge of Europe

Europe is one of the most popular geographic subjects, and our quizzes will help boost your knowledge of Europe. Test yourself on Europe questions like, “What is the capital city of Iceland?” or, “What world famous landmark is England famous for?” We have a wide range of questions on Europe, ranging from World Flags to European Flags. Why not share your results with your friends?

Take a fun quiz to test your memory of Europe and find out how much you know about the geography of the region. Geography can be fun and with our quizzes, you’ll find out just how much you know about the countries in Europe! Test yourself on major cities, countries, landmarks, flags and much more.

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