Santa Claus Geo quiz games

In this Santa Claus Geo quiz game you will help Santa

The Santa Game Geo quiz

Claus deliver presents all over the world, but he is being chased by the evil pixie who wants to steal them. Play this fun game and answer the multiple choice questions correctly to help Santa finish delivering the presents on time.

On December 25th there is a lot of work to do. Santa organizes the presents and fills the stockings with candies. This year, the Christmas party will be in your town and you are invited too. Are you excited? The good news is that Santa knows he might be late making his flight, so he gave you his “geo-quiz” to share with your family while you’re waiting instead of sitting around doing nothing. But watch out! There is a wicked Grinch in the sky who only wants to steal all of Santa’s presents!

This game is an educational game, highly illustrated and narrated with sound, designed to be used in the classroom. The goal is to teach children their geography knowledge by playing a fun, interactive game.

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