Let the children discover the World and its wonders

Discover the World with the Geo Kids Zone and learn about geography, countries and capitals around the world in a fun trivia game for kids and family. At Geo Kids Zone you will find a series of entertaining geography games and engaging quizzes that can be both fun and educational for kids, for boys or for girls. Geo Kids zone also is a great place to play memory game, geography quiz, puzzle with countries’ flags or their capitals, and more fun other games.



Learning and discovery games

In this section you will find a large selection of games and educational contents for children. We offers a wide variety of amateur cartography, historical figures and explorations through games. We offer activities to help children learn some notions of geography or history, for example an exercise about the solar system, or the discovery of the president of the United States… and  more

Solar system pack

The ozone layer and its protection

Atmosphere layer names drag and drop game

Atmosphere layers in order : identification game

Layer of the earth diagram : drag ad drop game

Types of dinosaurs and their characteristics : Flip card

American presidents from 1789 to 2021

World largest deserts

Logic and memorization games

Logic and memorization games is a collection of educational games designed to exercise the brain, both children and adults will have fun learning in the palm of their hands. The collection includes classic games such as 7 errors and Hangman and educational games such as a crossword and more.

Memory game

Candy crush Quiz : find the hidden word

Location games, country capitals and true or false

“Location games, country capitals and true or false” games test the knowledge of children in relation to countries and cities. These games are fun tools that help children learn their capitals, flags, countries and cities while they play. In the game of true or false, students are asked to say whether a statement is true or false. If they know this to be true or false, they score a point.

Location Map quiz

Country capitals quiz

Quiz on the flags of the world

True or false : country capitals quiz

Drag and drop games

They are children’s favorites because they are easy to play. They not only test their faculty of recognition, but also they test their logic. Some examples of our games are: Recognition of the position of the planets of the solar system by size and relative to the sun, Recognition of famous personalities place, Famous places around the world and much more …

Order of planets from sun

Planet size order drag and drop game

Quiz on the flags of the world

World Famous places quiz

Adventure quiz games

The children will be very happy with this category. Adventure games represent almost 60% of all games in GEOQUIZGAMES. They can embody superheroes who will have to face the various dangers of life. We can mention among others Superspace Hero quiz, Panic quiz, Shark quiz game, Crash quiz, labyrinth quiz and much more.

Who wants to become a millionaire?

Shark Game Attack

Labyrinth Geo Quiz

The Santa Game Geo quiz

Super space hero geo quiz

Geography fact emoji games

Storytelling game online : will you marry me?

Crash Geo Quiz Game

Climbing mountain quiz game

Famous places and landmark game

Panic Geo Quiz Games

Chemical tube filling geo quiz

Local multiplayer games

These games allow children to have the competitive spirit to be proud of their knowledge and compete against friends, classmates and family members. The local multiplayer games include Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Canada , USA and South America. All continents have specific characteristics with a certain number of questions per theme. The game covers all continents and covers almost all the themes including: – Flags – Capital cities – Citizenship – Earth – Famous Places …

Multiplayer Geo quiz : 1-2 players

Multiplayer Geo quiz : 1-4 players

Geo Kids Zone Fun Learning Games, Geography Quiz, Geography Trivia

Geo Kids Zone is a fun game for kids, which will help them learn about the world and about capitals of different countries all over the globe. Geography quizzes are great way to learn, you can choose from basic geography questions with multiple choice answers, or from more difficult ones with no multiple choice answers. We have great collection of games with countries’ flags and you can test your knowledge in flags quiz. There are also other exciting free games at Geo Kids Zone such as color by flags, puzzles with country names including capitals, or a coloring book with flags. 

Geography is often a difficult subject to teach students. However, the problem can be remedied by using engaging educational applications like Geo Kids Zone. Such apps will help children learn about countries and capitals around the world in an interesting and fun manner. So, if you are looking for a captivating educational app to help your child with their studies, Geo Kids Zone is a good candidate. Similar games can be played on kidzone.

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