Countries of africa map quiz game

Hard geography lovers, here’s an amazing chance to feel the real map of the African continent. All the details are available for you. From Morocco to Madagascar through the Hottentot Water to Cape Agulhas, take our Countries of Africa map quiz game and discover even what you haven’t learned at school.

Do you know all the countries of Africa by heart?

Do you know exactly where any African country is located on the African Continent?  This is a quiz game that will help you train your knowledge on Africa. You can also use it as a study tool to help you learn about the locations of the countries in Africa.

Countries of Africa map quiz is an educational game where you have to guess the World countries on a 3D map. All the continent are available in the application : Europe, Asia , North America, South America, Oceania and Atlantic Ocean. The main goal of the game is to guess the countries by tapping on them. Use your memory , focus your attention to improve your vocabulary .

African location map quiz game

African location map quiz game

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The countries of Africa – an interactive quiz

You think you know Africa pretty well? Test your knowledge in this map quiz with Africa map. Around 40 countries are covered. With special background music to let you relax while studying, this interactive quiz game will allow you to challenge your online friends or random players. You can also share your results on Facebook!

Get to know better the African countries with this quiz game. If you are an African travel enthusiast, an armchair traveler, you will enjoy discovering Africa on your smartphone. Use your skills on this interactive quiz game oriented entirely on images of African countries to train your three-dimensional vision. Easy to use interface, pleasant background music … Test your knowledge in this geography quiz game for smartphones!

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Countries in africa quiz

Africa is a continent of about 30,221,532 Km2. This is divided into two categories: sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. In this quiz, you are going to be provided with a map of sub-Saharan Africa while the names of its countries are given. You will have to locate those countries on the map in order to test your geographical knowledge. On the right side of the page, you will find a small map that shows which country is being asked for at every question – this will help you identify each location before picking it correctly on the larger map. Learn the locations of the countries in Africa through these helpful maps and games. In this module there are three types of quizzes you can use to test your knowledge of the African countries. Fill in the blank map of Africa. Play same game here in Apkpure.