Map quizzes

Do you know all the location of countries in the world. do you have a good knowledge of the geography. If you have a great knowledge about this, then you’re a genius! In this map quizzes, there is over 10 categories available , Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and more. You have to touch the exact location on the map to find out if your knowledge is good or not.Map quizzes

The goal of this game is to divide the countries of the world on a map. You will have a range of difficulty maps including maps of US, maps of Canada, Africa, Europe, Oceania and more … Each map will have around 15 questions about the continent.

You can use this map quiz game on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This game will let you test your knowledge on geography. You will play quizzes on countries located all over the worldUS map quiz,US states map quiz,Canada map quiz,Africa map quiz,Europe map quiz,Oceania map quiz and more.Became a genius of geography with this amazing game!

Map Quizzes is the first quiz game that will help you to learn each states of all U.S. countries on a map. It is an ideal game for kids who are learning geography at school. Just select what kind of map quizzes it will be, just click on the plan of the United States or Canada or any other country. Then some questions about locations of states will appear. So be careful, if you make some mistake, there are no retries!

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