Complete the Geography of the World Quiz!

Improve your Geography of world quiz knowledge and test yourself in questions and games from all continents. Flags, capitals of the countries, famous places and historical facts are just some of the sections that you have at your fingertips on this page created to help you learn about the world, have fun and share with your friends.

Play several quiz games for all continents

Play by yourself or against others. Place bets on who will win. Earn trophies as you play.


The games allow everyone from young children to globetrotters to test their knowledge or simply have fun with topics related to culture and geography. With a variety of categories from Flags to famous places, you can challenge yourself in fun and educational ways.

Geography of World Quiz is a series of more than 1500 quizzes grouped into 15 categories of game

Get to know the geography of the world better with these fun quizzes! Choose a continent and test how much you know about the countries, capitals, flags and more. Play in teams with friends or family members and become an expert on your favorite continents (Asia, Africa or America). Try out other games as well: see how many answers you can guess in 60 seconds or match flags for different countries. In short, Geography of World Quiz is the perfect app for anyone looking for a way to improve their geography knowledge!

Multiplayer World trivia quiz 1 to 4 players

Super space hero geo quiz : World countries capitals

Climbing mountain Geo quiz : world countries and capitals

Crash Quiz_Capitals countries of all Continents

World geography quizzes : Panic quiz

This game is a must for all who are interested in Geography and love to play interactive games.

Multiplayer World trivia quiz 2 players

True or False Geo Quiz 10 : World countries capitals

Basket ball geo quiz : World countries capitals

Continents facts quiz : Santa Claus game

Flag of the world quiz

Continents facts : emoji game

Labyrinth Penguin Quiz : all Continent capitals

Facts of geography shark game

Panic Quiz : Capitals countries of all Continents

True or False Geo Quiz 15 : World countries capitals

True or False Geo Quiz 20 : World countries capitals

Have fun while playing Geography of world quiz

Geography of world quiz is a fun and entertaining game which will help you know more about the continent of your choice with some different kinds of questions based on the regions, countries, history, famous places and flags. The multiple choice questions are grouped into more than 15 categories of original and fun games that will allow you to relax alone or in competition with your loved ones while learning new things about the world. You will find similar games on This quiz.

Geography of world quiz Game is a collection of questions about the world, countries and capital cities, famous places, flags, locations, key and historical facts of a continent. This quiz will test your knowledge and help you learn new things about the world. The geography quiz questions are spread into 15 categories: Africa Countries, Asia Countries, Australia Countries, European countries, North America Countries, South America countries and Oceania countries etc. Each category consists of more than ten sub-categories from which you have to choose the correct one by selecting it from the given options. Try all types of geography quizzes as there are no penalties associated with any questions; so go ahead, start playing this geography games for tablet and PC now!

The world of geography can be a wide and varied subject. At Geography Of World quiz, we aim to offer a range of fun quizzes and games so you can learn more about the countries of the world and their capitals, flags etc. We also have fun facts about certain countries and continents which will help you refine your geographical knowledge for your next trip. You can play similar games on other websites like :Cafe Bazaar and Reddit.

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