About us

Geoquizgames is the result of many years of work, coding and programming of games and above all of an immense passion for geography. 

I am Olivier Zogning the founder of Geoquizgames. Teacher of geography and geomatics for 15 years, and specialized in webmaster and digital marketing, I have traveled to almost all the continents of the world where I have been able to discover immense diversity and culture. During my travels, I had noticed that people had very little knowledge of basic geography and even worse knowledge of countries and capital from other continents. With solid knowledge in cartography, I decided to set up this GEO QUIZ GAMES website which will help tourists, students and children to increase their knowledge of the various countries of the world while having fun. It is an immeasurable pleasure for me to transmit my passion for the geography of the world to others.

You can now test your geography knowledge in a fun way! Play a free multiple choice quiz and find out how good you really are at geography. Good game!