Europe quiz game

Europe quiz game is a location quiz game to learn the countries of Europe. This free app is ad free and works offline. The Europe quiz map is a location quiz game where you can test your knowledge on the exact knowledge of the situation

Europe quiz map

Take our Europe quiz map game! This game will put your knowledge to the test. 

It is intended for all age groups from primary school. It is an excellent educational game to teach children in schools in the classroom how to recognise each country in the European continent in the form of a quiz map.

This game test your knowledge of the exact configuration of the European countries. With this quiz game, you will know the location of each country in the world map. Just click and play the game!

How many countries are in Europe? This game is to answer this question. It has a map of Europe and a list of countries, simply by selecting a country from the list by tapping on it, you will know where it is on the map, but it’s not so easy to just look at the map and select the right location of each country.

European countries capital quiz (25 questions)

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Ready for a challenge? Come and test your knowledge of European countries on this quiz map!

The game is based on countries of Europe with borders and capitals cities. Each country has two images. One important capital city, the second top sites or view from above. You will be showed a picture of a country and put it on the right place on the map. Test the five levels of the quiz by getting a higher score. The first level contain two country images and you can select them by tapping on them.

This map that has been introduced to replace the old version covers almost the whole Europe continent. It even includes islands that have been subdued by political or other threats to loss of identity. Mainly, it is a tool for learning and for pure entertainment.

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