Multiplayer quiz 1 to 4 players

Do you want to create a memorable learning experience? Let’s go back to theMultiplayer geo quiz 1-4 school and study geography by playing the Multiplayer quiz 1 to 4 players for Android. This game has 10 topics in which the player has to respond, who gets more points wins. The game is ideal for two players, but also supports up to 4, and thanks to an attractive interface so that you can play with your friends

A game reserved for two users where users have to compete to answer geography questions including facts about the continent, flags, famous places, monuments, cities and capital. It is ideal for those who like challenges.

Challenge your friends and see who is the true Geography king. This quiz game Multiplayer players is an ideal keu for those who like challenges and competitions. You will find a variety of challenging questions about geography related to the continent, flags, famous places, monuments and cities in general.

Challenge yourself and your friends to a duel of knowledge in Multiplayer Quiz 1 to 4 players. This game is ideal if you want to test your geography knowledge or if you’re just curious to know which city has the largest number of skyscrapers when compared with other cities of the world. Get ready for a really exciting challenge with Multiplayer Quiz up to 4 players!

The game is ready to be played in less than 5 minutes and will amuse you for hours. It’s a great way to share moments with your friends, family or colleagues; waiting for the train, boring meetings, party at the office and many other situations.

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