True or False Geo Quiz 15 questions

This quiz game is great fun for the whole family. Test your geographyTrue or False Geo Quiz 15 questions knowledge by answering questions about the capitals of countries across the world, and help this curious little mascot avoid drowning! Test yourself with True or False Geo Quiz 15 questions.  Why not challenge a friend to see who has the best sponge facts? Love learning about geography? Prove you know your capitals with this classic True or False game! Can you beat the local scores, and leap for fame, glory and cupcakes?

How well do you know your geography? Learn the capitals of the countries of the world with True or False Geo Quiz on the PC and tablet. True or False Quiz ! This entertaining game is based on a simple concept: to eliminate incorrect answers. Each “True” answer makes the player’s little avatar swim around in the water, while each wrong response will cause it to sink further down. With 15 carefully crafted questions based on real-life facts, True or False is an excellent way to flex your brain and expand your knowledge!

Find out your geo knowledge, with this addicting true or false quiz. Play all 15 levels, or skip straight to your most challenging geography facts. Can you help the polar bear stay afloat? Which of these capital cities are true and which are false? Test your knowledge with this game about countries around the world and their capitals. Test your general knowledge about countries and continents as well with this game’s introduction. Get started now!

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