Famous places quiz
Travel the world by train with this boy and his Grandmother who visit famous places that you must recognize in a MCQ.This Famous places quiz will test your knowledge of famous places from every continent.You can play the game to see how many questions you can answer correctly.A good game to practice and increase your knowledge of continents capitals, or cities of the US.

Hey visitor!  Do you know which places are famous around the world?  Now is the time to know it! Play this Famous places quiz and save three lives. You have three wrong answers to lose your lives. After you answer incorrectly 3 times, you will have to start again. It would be great if you can play with your friend or family.

You are in a quiz game where you need to guess the place. There will be a question like “In which famous place you can see a bell tower?”. There is always only one answer for every question. You will receive points if you guessed it right, and lose points if you guessed it wrong. If you run out of correct answers then a difficult level will start.

Journey and visit the most famous places of Europe, Asia, America and Africa by train. Develop your concentration with this fun game where you will be tested about cities and countries. Try to answer as many questions as possible before getting wrong answers and losing an opportunity to win a virtual trip around the world.

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