Welcome to US famous cities Quiz : Valentine’s game, the perfect Valentine game for true lovers. This is a free learning game in English with the goal of challenging and educating you on famous American cities. We invite lovers from all around the world to join Mia, Bryan and their friends in finding all of the famous American cities. A special Valentine surprise awaits lovers who successfully complete this quiz at 70% or more!

The game includes 10 US famous cities. Read the story till the end and solve all the questions

Valentine’s game is a fun game created for Valentine’s Day. It is an educational quiz game in which you will discover some famous cities in the United States while looking at your knowledge of these cities. You will live the adventure of Bryan and Mia who will exchange text messages each being in the city they are visiting. Throughout the game, you will be asked questions about these famous cities with regard to their history, geography and different buildings present there. You will be able to see how Bryan and Mia’s adventure progresses as you answer questions correctly and win points.

If Valentine’s Day is approaching and you are running out of ideas, why not try this innovative idea by offering your sweetheart or sweetheart a quiz game? If one of you loves history, travel and geography, then this quiz game is for you!What are you waiting for? enjoy playing!

Bryan and Mia spent a very nice summer in famous American cities, including Palm Springs and many other cities that you will discover in the rest of this game. The two lovebirds remember their adventure, each being in his city. Summer is about to start, and they would like to relive this great adventure again. Read these messages to the end and correctly answer the questions you will be asked about US famous cities.

How well do you know the famous cities of the United States? Bryan and Mia spent their last summer in several of these cities, including Palm Springs, Phoenix and New Orleans. The two lovebirds remember their adventure and exchange messages full of tenderness. You will read all their messages by following the instructions and successfully complete this quiz with a score that will allow you to compare yourself to them.

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