Panic quiz game : Capitals of European countries.  A girl named Annie was going home from school, when she got lost in the forest. A monster started chasing her, and now she is at the edge of it’s mouth. She knows all the capital cities of European countries except for one: where? It’s your turn to save her! With 4 levels, who knows how many lives you will have with you?

Capitals of European countries quiz. 

This is a simple and addictive game. Your job is to help the girl escape from the fire-breathing monster. All you have to do is answer all questions correctly and get her to the shelter before time runs out. The quiz will throw random questions at you as she runs through the forest, but don’t worry – there’s no pressure! If you get stuck on one question and can’t answer it, just move on and come back later for a second try. Panic Quiz Game: Capitals of European countries is a free educational game that works as a fun way to learn about the capitals of European countries. Similar games can be played on  Quizzesaroundtheworld

Are you ready for a challenge? Prove that you are smart enough with this quiz game! Can you help this girl to escape from the monster by answering all random questions correctly? Now, let’s begin.

European countries capital quiz 

Panic quiz game : Capitals of European countries is a fun educational game that will exercise your memory with fun and excitement. It can help you study for the test or just have fun if you have time constraints on studying. It’s your turn, save this girl! Become the hero and save a girl from being eaten alive by a fire-breathing monster. You can add new panics quiz games in our app! Take a chance and save the girl in Panic Quiz Game: Capitals. It‘s a great game for your leisure time, as well as an excellent quiz game to challenge your friends!

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