Geography 2 players quiz is ideal to train your geography knowledge with friends and family. The game consists of 10-20 multiple choice questions where you must respond to a variety of flags, capitals and places of interest.

Geography 2 players quiz is a simple, funny and addictive game that will entertain you and your friends for hours.

Geography multiplayer quiz is an exciting and entertaining way to test your knowledge on the Flags, Capital cities, Mountain ranges etc of each continent. It is a fun board game for friends and family members. Multiple questions are displayed on the screen and you have limited time to answer them correctly if you get multiple chances. After every question answered correctly, you get a point but while answering incorrectly you will lose a point. You need to come up with correct answers in a row without any wrong answer to get some bonuses. You get 3 chances to answer each question but only one chance to guess the right answer after the third try. The winner is the first one who reaches 60 points.

This geography quiz game is a great way to learn geography. The game offers two options to play multiplayer mode of up to two people on the geography of all the continents. With its multiplayer mode, key facts, flags, capitals, famous places and more are covered in a fun and practical way. The game is timed and bonuses are awarded to those who answer correctly.

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Test your Geography Knowledge – Fun Multiplayer Quiz

Prepare to test your geography knowledge with this exciting and entertaining multiplayer quiz game. It’s the perfect way for friends, family members, and classmates to compete on the same device. The game features multiple questions about countries, capitals, regions, lakes, major cities, mountain ranges, and the highest peaks on each continent. Do you think you know your map well enough to win?

World Geography Multiplayer Quiz is a fun 2 player game which tests your knowledge in Geography. It is designed to incorporate both “matching” and “explanation” type questions which makes it both challenging as well as entertaining. In addition to the basic game mode, you can also choose to play with the help of in-game hints. With the game multiplayer feature you can play this exciting game with a friend in real time using only one device. Its user friendly interface makes it easy for both beginners and more experienced players to enjoy it. The game has been developed using Java technology which means that it is compatible on all devices running Java platform. Also play on Massivelyop.

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