Multiplayer Game Free US local quiz. Have fun playing the US Quiz multiplayer quiz with your friends on Windows 10 PC or tablet. The US Quiz is an educational quiz game that allows two players to see how many questions they can answer correctly within a limited amount of time. For each correct answer, points are earned. It has 12 levels of difficulty so it can be played by anybody, from novice to expert. The game has a geographical focus but also offers some more diverse questions regarding popular culture, history, sports and so on.

The multiple player game is a quiz on the geographic generalities of the United States. Players from around the world will challenge you every day to keep your knowledge up-to-date. It can be played in pairs on a PC or tablet with a limited time for questions. Let’s go!

Play fun multiplayer Game Free US quiz with friends. 

At a glance, can you identify which state is represented by different colors and shapes? We designed this USA quiz flag to help you master all the US flags. This is an educational free trivia app that will have you entertained with numerous combinations of visual clues to test your flag knowledge. Guess the USA state with just a glance! Play against yourself or a friend. USA Flag Quiz contains fifty STATE trivia FLAGs! Take the quiz now and be a champion!.

Play Multiplayer Game free US Quiz! A new and interesting app with great UI and gameplay as well as informative as Educational facts about the USA. Game difficulty is adjustable as you can play with three to five players at once or just looking for a one-on-one challenge! Check the facts you know and challenge yourself to get those stars.

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