Test your knowledge on facts of Asia with this fun empji quiz game. Answer questions on the highest mountains, longest rivers, outstanding geographic facts, desert landscapes and much more. This game is perfect for kids that want to learn more about all the countries in Asia.

Quiz yourself to test your knowledge about facts of Asia.

Test your knowledge of this magnificent global region, get acquainted with the geography facts of Asia, get to know the countries that make up this great continent. Learn interesting facts about its mountains, rivers, deserts, and capitals. If you like to travel or are passionate about geography, then “Continent of Asia facts quiz” is the right game for you!

Based on the most important geographic facts, this game will bring you all the exciting information about the continent of Asia, its countries, capitals, cities and their populations. This game will also help you to remember the incredible heights of the highest mountains, the longest rivers in the world, as well as unique places with beautiful shots.

Facts of Asia Quiz Emoji game is a game to test your knowledge related to the geography and country facts of Asia. Fact statements such as “The highest peak in Asia is Everest” or “Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric power station in the world” can be either true or false. If you answer true, you score 1 point and if you answer false, you score 0 points. There are many questions and multiple choices, so you will have a high chance to win and only need few moves to finish!

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