Facts of Oceania Quiz: Emoji Game is an interactive flashcard questions game designed to help you review and learn the Oceania geography, famous places and key facts. Both teachers and parents can use the game to independently practice and test their knowledge on Oceania.

The “Facts of oceania quiz  : emoji game” offers you a series of questions on the geographical facts of the oceanian continent.

When you play “Facts of Oceania Quiz – Emoji game”, you have to move from step to step. Each question you guess correctly will make you go forward, and each wrong answer will take you one step back. There are many steps so more questions, more difficulty that leads to a final victory. The game “Facts of Oceania Quiz – Emoji game” offers you a series of questions on the geographical facts of the oceanian continent . The game consists of clicking on the dice to move the emoji towards the shelter. A wrong answer takes a life and takes it two steps back, while the right answers move you faster towards the refuge. The game also covers questions about famous places, key facts and more from thw whole Oceania.

Do you know the capital of New Caledonia? Can you tell me where is Oceania located? What are the countries of Oceania that makes up the whole continent? Funny click-on quiz game with the oceania continent map designed according to the location of different geographic objects. Find out all about Oceania by playing this fun geography game, a must for all fans of Oceania.

Explore the Oceanian continents and oceans with this engaging, educational app. Three modes provide a challenging and enjoyable way to learn about this ecological region, including its culture and history, people, places and animals.

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