The ozone layer and its protection: case study

What is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is a layer of gas that occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. Here’s a short text about the ozone layer and its importance.

The ozone layer has a greater thickness over the equator and gets thinner over the poles, which is explained by the rotation of the Earth. Indeed, the layer is weaker at the poles because the atmosphere is less dense at these latitudes and therefore does not absorb as much ultraviolet radiation. In fact, when an ultraviolet ray approaches a molecule of air, some of its energy is absorbed by it, causing it to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted from one molecule to another until they reach an ozone molecule and absorb their remaining energy, preventing them from reaching Earth’s surface.

The invention of the electronic refractometer has made it possible to monitor ozone in remote locations. These machines are transported by ship, plane or truck depending on the place where measurements are to be made. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Case studies on the challenges of the ozone layer

Scenario 1 :

Problem : Without the ozone layer, the ultraviolet rays sent by the sun wouldn’t make it to Earth.

Promise : The solution is simple and fast.

Proof : [Customer Proof ‘A new installation can guarantee a 40 percent reduction in price.’]

Proposal : It’ s never too early to start protecting the environment and reducing your operating costs.

Scenario 2 :

Problem: Scientists have predicted that one day the ozone layer may disappear.

 Promise: This could be catastrophic for all life on Earth.

 Proof: [Scientific Proof ‘The most widely distributed hole in the ozone layer was detected above Antarctica in 2008′]

Proposal: Why wait for it to happen? All individuals and governments must work together now to protect the ozone layer.

Earth pollution

Earth pollution destroys the ozone layer


Importance of the Ozone 

The strato-solar is a natural gaseous layer which is located in the Earth’s atmosphere. The strato-solar absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the sun and rejects them towards space. The absence of this layer would prevent all life on Earth. But there is a problem: in fact, its concentration in the air has been inexorably decreasing since the 1970s, which reminds us of the need to know how to preserve it for future generations.

 The curfew is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, notably the south pole. It forms from the chemical reaction between the sun’s ultraviolet rays and gas molecules such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone. You can also consult the articles on the website Discovering antarctica.

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