Flash your geographical knowledge with continents facts : emoji game! Test yourself with detailed questions from around the World. Clic on the dice and the emoji will move to the shelter. Answer correctly to go further and faster towards the refuge, which represents your final goal: answer all questions!

Discover fun things with Continents facts : emoji game and become a real champion.

Are you a geography genius? Do you know the answers to all the World’s geographical questions? Are you always ready for every quiz game on Earth? Well then, you’re lucky! This game offers you a series of questions on the geographical facts of the continents of the world. The game consists of clicking on the dice to move the emoji towards the shelter. A wrong answer takes a life and takes it two steps back, while the right answers move you faster towards the refuge. The game also covers questions about famous places, key facts and more from all continents of the world

Forget the boring flash cards and word lists! This fun quiz will help you review and learn the World geography, famous places and key facts quicker, with a bit of fun. Pick any continent and win the race with your little emoji towards the shelter by answering the questions correctly.

Continents facts : emoji game is a fun educational quiz game that will help you review and learn the World geography, famous places key facts and mores. The game contains several slides, each one with a geographical fact of the world’s several continents, where you will be asked to give the right answer to this question before advancing. Incorrect answers will lead you back on your steps as in multiple choice tests or puzzles. You have three opportunities for every question.  If you have any request or suggestion do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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