Canada capital cities quiz. Canada is a country in the northern part of North America . It has many islands, along with the Canadian mainland. Its capital is Ottawa . The official languages are French and English. The 10 provinces and 3 territories are the main geographical divisions of the country

Let’s play capital cities of canada quiz  and see how well you know about this big country

Play the free capital cities of canada quiz  to test your knowledge. You will visit each city’s website and need to match the correct capital city of that province. The questions will help you prepare for a quiz night with friends or family, or even a visit to a bar! A game like this is a very important revision for anyone studying for their OACs, or anyone who is interested in Canadian Geography. 96% of Canadians are unable to name all the provinces and territories, or the provincial and territorial capitals.

You’re welcome to play this nice game, which will test your knowledge about the capital cities. You can learn more about your home town, as well as about other provinces and states in Canada. This game is different from other quiz games, because the questions are detailed and require you to visit the cities’ websites for a better understanding of the information.

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