US capitals quiz (10 questions)

US capitals quiz (10 questions). Bet you think you’re a US capital expert? Take the online quiz and find out if you really know the country that well.

This is the States Capital Quiz. This quiz tests you knowledge of all of the 50 states and their capitols. Each state has its own state capital. Use this information to help you in your travels around the USA, whether you’re driving, flying, or just want to figure out where that town is that you keep driving by. Take our quiz now to find out how well you know your capitols.’

The capitals of each state in the United States quiz tests your knowledge on the capital of each state in the USA. There are 50 states in the USA with 50 capitals in total. The quiz can be taken in any order, although some questions may be more difficult depending on where they appear in the list.

Our US capital quiz contains 50 of the most popular states in America. All capitals are covered, whether or not they are the state’s largest city.

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