Do you know the flags of countries from all continents? To earn 5 stars, you must have at least 100 points. If you have less than 65 points, you lose the game. Flag of the world quiz is a game that tests your knowledge on the flags of countries from all continents. With this format, you can access all the information on the world’s countries. It’s your turn

Flags of the world Quiz, A Game That Tests Your Knowledge of Flags

Do you know the flags of countries from all continents? Do you want to find out if you have knowledge of geographical indications and country flags from around the world? Then Flag of the world quiz is for you. It tests your knowledge on each continent. Your task is simple: name a country, and click a flag to know if its identification is correct. Don’t forget that you can use a little help, by clicking on the correct answer at the bottom of the screen. Among all continents, Africa has the fewest number of countries. Therefore, it will be easier for you to achieve 5 stars if you start with this continent.

Test your knowledge of the world’s countries with this interactive country flag quiz! Join this beautiful world tour and test your knowledge of the flags from every continent. For each country that you answer correctly, you will be awarded a new country flag for your collection! Have fun!

Hi! I’m here to play with you Flag of the World quiz. Let’s see how many flags you can remember!

Today’s game will be on Geography. I know you already love geography, but this time is you on a new field, playing with flags and countries’ names. I think it’ll be exciting, don’t you? You have to answer like the quizmaster asks. If your answer is correct, then points for you! Be careful however because if your answer is wrong; that means points for me. I’m pretty sure you won’t give up though! I wish you luck today! .

Take the fun flag quiz game to find out! Quiz yourself on this world flags game, and have a chance to win free coins. You will have a choice of 6 of the most beautiful flags on earth, and you have 3 seconds to answer a question before the time’s up. If you get it right, you’ll be rewarded with a free chance. If the timer goes over 3 seconds, the game will end.

Your aim is to recognize the flags on five continents. Each continent is represented. The name of a country is automatically displayed once you’ve recognized its flag in the multiple choice list.  Answering each question earns you 10 points.  Earn 5 stars and become world champion!

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