USA flags 15 questions . Can you identify all 50 states out of their flag? This is a quiz about USA flags and its state, you will be tested to play all 50 states of the US flag puzzles. The first USA state flag was adopted by Connecticut in 1786. Twenty-four more followed and the last one ? Arizona ? entered the Union on February 14, 1912. You can master all those flags with this USA states & their flags quiz. We’ll present you with a picture of the state flag and you have to identify it by name. It can be as hard as you want to make it.

Test your knowledge of USA flags with this free online US state flags quiz.

At a glance, can you identify which state is represented by different colors and shapes? We designed this USA quiz flag to help you master all the US flags. This is an educational free trivia app that will have you entertained with numerous combinations of visual clues to test your flag knowledge. Guess the USA state with just a glance! Play against yourself or a friend. USA Flag Quiz contains fifty STATE trivia FLAGs! Take the quiz now and be a champion!.

Test your knowledge on the flags of each USA state. You might think that you know your flag, but can you identify each state’s flag when presented with it? We’ve created this US flags quiz trivia to test your knowledge. Can you get all 50 right?

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