Fly the flag with us on our official game app! Take a fun mock exam on European countries capital quiz and major cities, prove your sporting knowledge by correctly answering 20 out of 25 questions, and receive your score. Achievment badges are awarded for mastering different levels. Will we get 5 stars?

Europeans Capital Quiz – Find The European Capitals Of Europe

Test your knowledge of European countries capital quiz! Find the name of the capital city or the main city of any European country with our quizzes. This application is intended to be used as a quiz game in schools, teachers can easily create different quizzes on major European cities with the push of a button. Many different question types: multiple choice, true or false, 1 word answers, etc. Can you recognize the capital or main cities of European countries? The application gives users 3 wrong tries before locking them out to prevent cheating by Google searching for answers, but there is an option to disable this function.

Discover the wonderful cities of Europe and their capitals! This game is meant as a fun and educational quiz game where you will be able to discover the greatest European cities and capitals. Test your knowledge by guessing the correct city or its capital. Similar games can be played on  Britannica

Test your geographical knowledge on the major capitals of Europe in a quiz

Test your knowledge on what is the capital of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and other European states. Play alone or with friends to see who knows most capitals. Each test will consist of 25 questions. The European countries capital quiz (25 questions): Europe Capitals – France, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. has been developed in an educational context and thus serious and high quality images have been chosen to help you remember easily all the names of the capital cities and countries of Europe. The game is available for free for the Kindle Fire HDX 7 ‘and will be compatible with most devices Android 4.0 or later versions and models from Amazon. So you can install it on tablet PC or smartphone like Google Nexus 7 (2013), Samsung Galaxy S4 , HTC One, HTC One Max , LG G3 , Motorola Moto X , Sony Xperia Z2 , Sony Xperia C , Sony Xperia M2 and other mobile devices such as Huawei Ascend P7 . Most android devices are supported.

This European capital quiz is a great way to test your knowledge on the major cities of Europe.

Which European capitals do you know? This application will help you to discover the capital of each major European country. This application presents a list of countries for a given level. This will start with the easy city and its corresponding country, then medium and then difficult is displayed one after another so that you can have fun testing your knowledge throughout Europe. On this game, there are 25 quizzes on the major cities in Europe to remember names and capitals of each country.

This game is an educational tool that trains knowledge of cities and capitals in Europe. Exercise your memory and have fun with our application. It approaches the subject of capitals from a new angle by associating cities with spelling game. By associating letters to each city, this application allows the user to easily remember their capitals. Quizzes on European cities are adapted for the average knowledge level of the general public and can be used as training for school exams, high-school final exams or college entrance exams.

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