Examine your geography knowledge with interactive games and quizzes on countries and capitals in north america. Test yourself on the names of capitals, flags, animals, landscapes, and more.

Countries and capitals in north america quiz game

North & Central American Countries Capitals quiz (20 questions). This page will allow you to improve your knowledge of the capitals of all countries in North and Central America.  What better way to learn the capitals of North and Central America. while relax at home.. Take this quiz, print the results… And keep in your study room an use it anytime you need!    Although the capitals are easy to memorize for residents, students from other countries tend to forget them at some point. That is why GEOQUIZGAMES has created a fun way of remembering them with the Capital Quiz application.  We propose a serie of quizzes on capital of north and central America countries. This is an educational game. You have the opportunity to train your knowledge with the help of pictures.

This game consists of several quizzes to get you ready for North and Central America. Each quiz has been designed around a similar geographical concept, like the capitals or the flags of each country. It is written in Spanish.

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