Facts about Europe geography quiz emoji game is the perfect way to test your knowledge about this fascinating continent. It features thirties of questions divided into 3 different categories — Test yourself by answering geographic facts in Europe, Mountains, The longest rivers, The beautiful landmarks, Europe capitals, etc.

Facts about Europe geography quiz, will allow you to test your knowledge of the outstanding geographic facts in Europe

Facts about Europe geography quiz is a challenging and entertaining geography quiz on the countries of Europe. Questions range from easy to difficult and cover: mountains, hills, valleys and volcanoes, oceans and seas, deserts and dunes, capitals and cities (with pictures of the landmarks) forests, lakes and rivers. All with beautiful pictures from around the world.

Especially for kids and teens, we present a cool fact about Europe geography quiz! A great app with thirties of questions and fun facts about the countries and capitals of Europe. Learn how many miles is the Rhine or what’s the highest mountain of Europe: it’s just a few steps away from an unforgettable adventure! Slide to the correct answer and pass your level, but try not to make too many mistakes because you can get negative points. Test your knowledge on this quiz about great European facts and go get the highest score.

Take a journey around Europe and see whether you can increase your knowledge of the beautiful region with this helpful game. Facts about Europe geography quiz is a fun way for anyone to learn more about the top places in Europe. Test yourself and challenge your family and friends to see who really knows their geography well!

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