You need to know how your country looks like, so that you can find it on the map. So why don’t you take this quiz and prove whether you know your Flags of North American countries? Take this Flag quiz and we’ll tell you which country’s flag you got right or wrong! It’s a challenging test, but you’ll learn a lot!

Flags of north American countries quiz game

North & Central America countries flags quiz.  Here we offer quizzes on the flags of the countries and states of Central and North America. 25 questions with a definite purpose: to help you remember the flags of both north and central America countries. This quiz will test your knowledge of the flags used in North and Central America. There are 25 questions in this quiz, of which they can be used as flash cards. The more attempts you make to identify the correct answer, the closer you will be to getting all the answers right. At the end of the game, an overall score will be recorded and can only be improved if you play again.

This small quiz fills an important gap between our other quizzes on the flags of the world and on the flags of Central America. It consists of twenty-five questions with answers that you can look up if you get stuck. The quizzes on both groups deal with designs that you can see for yourself. Here, on the other hand, the only way to learn about some of these flags is to study carefully some illustrations. It is hoped that this will help you to remember them.”

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