The “Layer of the Earth Diagram: Drag and Drop Game” is a 3D game about the layers of the earth. It allows you to rsrch for layers of the earth’s interior. The goal is to help you identify the main differences between lithosphere, asthenosphere and lid. This game also contains 10 layers in which you will be asked to identify.

Why you need to play the layer of the earth diagram game

Hi! Do you know the structure of the earth? Do you have any idea how these layers are structured ? Do you want to find out more? Here is your chance! In this game, you will identify 10 layers, including the Gutenberg and Mohorovicic discontinuities. Good luck! 

 This layers of the earth diagram game is a part of a project where I created a training programme to teach people the principles of geology and basic earth science. The final game is based on this. If you finish, you will be able to watch the full earth structure modelling video, where I explain the layers on the earth! You should also know that the geological postion of each layer is established by combining scientific findings, historical knowledge of the earth and guesswork. So, if you think we omitted or added something, please let us know. Cheers! You can play similar game on  Softschools.

Layers of the Earth digram puzzle game

Did you ever wonder how the earth was formed? Well, you’re in luck. This layers of the earth diagram game will help you learn what the earth’s layers are and how they form. Get out your pen and paper because your knowledge of this subject will be put to the test! When you don’t know something about the earth, this is the best way to learn everything there is to know about it. This game will help you identify all the different layers of the earth, from the core to outer crust, while also teaching you the difference between discontinuities and shear zones.

What are the 3 main structures of the earth?

The Earth is an almost perfect sphere. Its radius is about 6,400 km. The structure of the Earth’s interior is made up of three superimposed layers. From the surface to the center of the Earth, these layers are: the Earth’s crust, mantle, and core are its main layers.

The Earth’s crust

The crust is the Earth’s outermost layer, with an average thickness of 30 km under the continents (continental crust) and 10 km under the oceans (oceanic crust).

The mantle

The mantle lies under the crust and extends to a depth of 2,900 km, but there are areas in its lower part where plasticity prevails and that allow magma to rise up (to form volcanoes). Mantle material is generally solid but becomes more plastic with depth and higher temperatures. 

The core

The core, which lies at a depth of about 3,500 km within the mantle, breaks down into two parts: an outer core that is liquid, and an inner core called “seed,” which is solid.” There is plenty of iron in this metallic magma at the heart of the core; it gives rise to Earth’s magnetic field: this is why the Earth behaves like a huge magnet, with a South pole and a North pole.  Similar activity can also be found on  The video below presents us with a simulation of the composition of the structure of the earth. you can easily observe the different parts that we mentioned above

Video souce :

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