South America geography quiz game with emojis is a fun, entertaining and educational game where you will have to know how to get all the way down to the shelter. If we can teach this friend about South America geography, it will thank us by opening its heart and helping guide us through the rest of this continent.

If you love South America and you know its Countries, you will have a lot of fun playing this great South America geography quiz game

Did you give up too easily on the country quiz? Play this emoji game and test your knowledge. Answer all the questions correctly to reach the shelter and find the brother. The more you advance, the more difficult the questions will be. This game has 4 lives. Each life corresponds to a certain number of luck and each player is entitled to one question that can save a life.  Now let play this South America geography quiz game.

The game delivers the South America country profile, the different cities including capitals, images of interest, geography facts most countries. All you need to do is answer questions by selecting the correct answer. It’s fun, interactive way to learn the many facts about South America.

At the beginning you will be informed about how to play the South America geography quiz game. There are four categories about geography, history, population and environment. You start with questions to determine your level of knowledge about South America. You can choose between four levels to improve your general knowledge.

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