Are you a true geography pro? Do you know all the rivers, capitals and cities of North America? In that case welcome to sign up for a new quiz called “North america facts quiz”. In this quiz your task is to answer questions about geography facts, famousplaceslargest mountains and much more. All of these questions are sorted by how easy the question is.

Are you able to learn some remarkable North america facts? Then this quiz is for you!

North america facts quiz allows you to test your knowledge of the geography facts in North America. It is a brilliant way to learn more about this part of the world and connect the geographical points together. Learn more about the highest mountains, longest rivers, striking desert landscapes, beautiful landmarks images, capitals of the countries and much more as you tackle its challenging quiz questions.

What do you know about North America? Challenge your friends and brush up on geography with Facts about the North America quiz. This entertaining and informative game identifies some of the top landmarks, cities and states in North America as well as the longest rivers and highest mountains. The unique images and fun quizzes will help you learn more about this exciting region of the world.

Do you know which state is the second most populous? Or where are the highest peaks in North America? Test your knowledge with free quizzes about the North American geography on this new game. The North America quiz is a fun and interesting way to learn about some of the most important landmarks, regions, mountains, rivers, cities, states and capitals in North America. With lots of detailed images throughout this app you will have a great time learning. Whether you are into geography or not, this game is for you!

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