Put your knowledge to the test with Quiz Fact about africa ! This quiz set contains more than 20 mind-blowing questions, including “What is the highest mountain in Africa?” and “Which is the longest river on the African continent?” It will appeal to both young students and experienced teachers.

Quiz game fact about Africa

Fact about africa Quiz. Do you know which country is the second largest in Africa with a population of over 27 million people ? Or who lives at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro? How about knowing what desert occupies the majority of the land in North Africa? Find out in this fun quiz set that will test your knowledge of Africa!

The Africa geography quizzes game will display more than 20 questions fact about Africa. The game has been designed to allow for fast and easy learning about the geography of Africa. In addition to displaying questions, this piece of software also displays the answers as well as a very helpful “Where Am I?” feature. This feature allows the user to click on various locations throughout Africa and have those locations displayed on a map of Africa.

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